Globus Physiolaser 1000

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30 Programs: 23 Health&Rehab – 7 Beauty&Fitness
Physiolaser 1000 accelerates the inflamed tissue  recovery, regenerates cells and improves microcirculation. 
Physiolaser 1000is especially effective in all the situations where the muscle/articular tissue is inflamed. 
Inflammation is usually due to a reduced microcirculation. In return the circulation reduction decreases the blood quantity arriving to the cells, causing an ischemic damage. 
Reducing the ischemic time, Physiolaser 1000 reduces the pathology duration and the relative pain. 
Physiolaser 1000accelerates the healing and the pain elimination both used alone and together with other therapeutic modalities. It allows in this way to reduce the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories. 
Physiolaser 1000enhances the natural healing body process without pain. 
Programmable: in multi-spot mode and scansion mode 
The main therapeutic effects are: 
•  Anti-inflammatory effect 
•  Anti-edemigenous effect 
•  Biostimulating effect 
•  Analgesic effect 

Ankle sprain 
Knee pain 
Ankle Sprain Edema 
Knee Osteoarthritis 
Achilles Tendonitis 
Finger pain 
Myofascial pain Shoulder 
Articular pain Shoulder 
Frozen Shoulder 
Carpal Tunnel 
Chronic Back pain 
Acute Back pain 
Back pain with Radiculopathy 
Neck pain 
Neck pain with Radiculopathy 
Myofascial pain Neck 
Neck Osteoarthritis 
Temporomandibular pain 

1 Carrying case 
1 Physiolaser 1000 unit 
1 Handpiece Laser 
1 pair of glasses for the patient 
1 pair of glasses for the operator 
1 Operating manual 
1 power supply

Medical Device of II b class 
Laser of IV Class 
Power (CEI EN 60825-1): 1000 mWatt 
Beam divergence: 13° 
Laser type: Ga Al As Diode 
Beam length: 808nm 
Spot size: 3.5 mm and 11.5mm 
Operation mode: continuous and pulsed 
Programmable: in multi-spot mode and 
scanning mode 
In compliance with the directive 
93/42/CEE - 2007/47/CEE

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