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4701-   Osteopathic Hodeskalle i 22 deler. I naturlig farge

Osteopathic Hodeskalle i 22 deler.

I naturlig farge

3 090,-
Antalet avviker från försäljningsförpckningen. Antal ändras till närmaste hela förpackning.

This fascinating model of an average European adult skull can be disassembled into 22 single bones. During development of this model one of the main targets was to make the model easy to assemble and dismantle. Stable parts with convenient magnet connections make handling of the product a child‘s play. The detailed bones do not need any complicated pins to be stuck into holes, they almost slide into position, guided by realistic bone sutures and held by strong magnets. The perfect tool for Osteopaths.

The following bones are represented:

- Parietal bone left and right 
- Occipital bone 
- Temporal bone left and right
- Sphenoid bone 
- Frontal bone 
- Ethmoid bone 
- Vomer 
- Palatine bone, left and right 
- Inferior nasal concha left and right 
- Maxilla with teeth, left and right 
- Lacrimal bone left and right 
- Nasal bone left and right 
- Zygomatic bone left and right 
- Mandible with teeth

Supplied with users guide in English and German as well as a CD with Key card document in Latin, German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Japanese.